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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Mobile and Laptop Tracking Software

Mobile and Laptop Tracking Software

If you lose hp or laptop (notebook) is not to worry anymore because lots of ways to track your laptop Hp or missing. one of them with the software or application trackers to find a mobile phone / mobile or your notebook is lost either because of missed or stolen, whether it be nokia, blackberry, laptop toshiba, acer or other brand

In the current era of technology, many applications that you can use to find things that perhaps we do not feel like a computer program (pc) no hp locator including an easy way to make your own simple tracking tool, either in the form of software to track people by cell phone number , find the location of mobile or track the presence of a person through no hp or through signals or the location of mobile through pc or computer, and many other applications.

Well, This time I will share tips on how you can find your missing laptop with apikasi called Prey. This software is open source software that you can use to track your lost laptop. How to use this tracking application you only need to install it inside the computer or your laptop or mobile phone.

The workings of this software if the laptop was stolen then you will still be able to track by looking at the signal emitted by the device so that its presence could in diteksi. Therefore, make sure you use this CAA before the things you do not want to happen, so if one day you lose your laptop hp or not to be confused.

The benefits of this application, of course, you will quickly trace the location according to the detected signal, your items may disappear from your side but they could not hide, because the hint of the things that still can be found through the signal output.

Tracker application is not only function as tracers but also has the function of the alarm switch including securely lock your own gadgets so that your data residing on the laptop will remain safe. If you want to know the benefits of this application please download the software Prey through this link:

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