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Monday, 30 May 2011

Tips wisely Using android

12 tips wisely Using android

For business Internet access, performance-based Android phones may be thumbs up. Pay attention to tips for more optimal use of Andriod phone.

Andriod and the Internet can not be separated. The ability of mobile phones with this operating system plus support for Google makes it qualified as a weapon surf virtual world. But, not unlike other mobile devices, for more optimal use, you must be wise in its use. Not only about the batteries are quickly depleted if you are engrossed in surfing but also about the toll that would make you cry if you sedariawal not aware of. Here are some tips on wise use Android phone:

1. Because greedy pulse, sebainya use tariff schemes unlimited data service. Check the limits given unlimited operators because usually data speeds will be reduced ketuka has entered a certain download limit.

2. When connected to a hotspot, you should surf the Internet using the connection for pulses is not depleted.
3. We recommend that you install software guards traffic data so that you avoid the theft of third-party data for use Android applications.
4. Turn off features that have the potential to drain your battery when not using it. As features Bluetooth, GPS and WiFi. Several series Andriod phones equipped with control widgets such features from the main screen so you can check it directly.
5. Turn off automatic synchronization, eg for Gmail, Contacts and Calendar when you do not need it.
6. Setting the brightness of the screen to be able to save some battery power.
7. Be careful with third party applications such as chat application because sometimes drain the battery. Use it wisely for application in critical situations you are not dizzy and confused because of running out of battery power.
8. To view the firmware you can go to Menu-settings-about phone. Information about the firmware will be plastered in place.
9. Set your Android phone on 2G networks, how: Menu-settings-control-wireless mobile network settings. Tick ​​"use only 2G networks. Or another way: press * # * # INFO # * # * or * # * # 4636 # * # *
10. To reset the handset (factory data reset), can be done on: Menu-security-settings followed by clicking the data factory reset.
11. Changing ringtones kemode silent, vibrate or flight mode can be done by pressing the power button a little longer and select silent mode, plane or vibration.
12. Ring tones can change. From the music player feature, selection of music files can be used as ring tones directly or cut first. How: tap-menu-set music as ringtone.

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