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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Windows 7 Performance Booster Pack,EnhanceMySe7en

Windows 7 Performance Booster Pack,EnhanceMySe7en

During his time Windows XP, PC users often use tools to tweak and speed up the performance of Windows. For PC users who are familiar with Tune Up Utility, it's worth trying this one program while using Windows 7. 

This freeware application called EnhanceMySe7en. With this device, users can later tweak, or just optimizing some performance operating system Windows 7. 

In fact, some features of this application can be used also to treat Windows 7, so that is always in prime condition. EnhanceMySe7en can handle the registry, disk space, defragmentation, installation software, even measuring the temperature of the HDD. As a result 'health' of Windows 7 is a more monitored. 

Quoted from detikINET BlogsDNA, Thursday (4/6/2009) The following are some excellent features of this application: 

* Process Identification, identify unknown software. 
* Start-Up Management, can disable the application that is not too important, to increase performance. 
* Registry Cleaner, clean the registry that are not useful and repair system registry errors. 
* Disk Cleaner, looking useless folders that meet the disk space. 
* Registry Defragmenter, index registry, to accelerate the performance of the operating system. 
* Disk Defragmenter 
* Hard Drive Monitor, monitors 'health' of our computer. 
* Security, configure the security level of our operating system. 
* Optimization, optimize your Windows settings 7. 
* Customization, customize desktop, menus, toolbars atu notification settings. 
* Network, optimize your internet connection speed.


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