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Sunday, 20 November 2011

How to care for the modem is good and right

How to care for the modem is good and right

1. Use modem if you need, do not use the modem every second (there is downtime).

2. Make sure your modem is firmly installed on the computer, because if you slack will be easily detached from your computer.

3. Keep your modem from the reach of small children.

4. Do not be too frequent use of electronic goods, electronic goods exist because each his lifetime (lifetime).

5. Do not store your modem disembarang place (near water or damp places) keep the place closed (like a closet).

6. To avoid an uninvited guest (thief / thieves / robbers), should not be kept open and easily visible from the window.

7. This is the most important thing you should never unplug the modem from the computer without safety remove hardware, let alone you're done downloading ("retrieve" the data from the internet) and upload ("put" data to the internet).

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