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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Ashtray Style GSM Spy Audio Bug

Ashtray Style GSM Spy Audio Bug

This this ashtray style GSM spy bug has a sound function which can automatically call back. It features clear voice, long standby time, simple operation, stable performance, easy installation and outside control, ect. which can be used distance monitoring, home surveillance and child custody. The GSM audio spy device is like a quadband cellphone without a speaker. You can recharge the spy audio device by connecting the USB charger cable to the power charger.

    Primary Function: GSM Two-Mode Spy Audio Device
    Materials: Molded Plastic
    Color: Black
    Ashtray shape
    Support GSM SIM card
    Triband, support frequency: 900/1800/1900 MHz (not suitable for CDMA and 3G network)
    Super-sensitive audio surveillance, embed four condense microphone
    Support voice control call-back, when it detects sound, the spy bug will call your cell phone
    Power: Built In Rechargeable Battery
    USB Input for charging
    Easy to install, and no configuration (just put phone card in)
    Stand by time: voice control about 3-5 days, 6-15 days without voice control. But it depends on frequency of use.
    Working time: about 7-8 hours
    Dimension (mm): 106 x 106 x 42


    Open the back cover.
    Insert the SIM card into the socket, which opened automatically.
    The indicator will light 5-8 seconds.
    After the indicator light put off, close the back cover.
    It's all. You can used the dialup.


    Setting of number:
        Switch out to the B position before you write code.
        Sending by message GDM (capital) letters + the phone number (such as GDM36201234567) that calls you.

    This two-way audio spy device comes with a manual switch located next to the SIM card slot. Switching to option (A) only allows you to call the spy audio device and listen in to conversations that are being detected. Option (B) allows the spy audio device to call you when it detects sounds, or if people are talking, while still allowing you the freedom to call the device and listen in to who's talking.


    Charge 6-8 hours before first using
    Check SIM card whether is put in right place
    Check whether its GSM card, because this machine is used only GSM network.
    Check the network signal strength when you install (by your mobile).

Package Contains

    1 x Ashtray Triband Two-Mode Spy Audio Bug
    1 X Power Charger (110-220 V)
    1 x USB charger cabel
    1 x Screwdriver
    1 x User Manual


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