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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Open Source Software Will Dominate in 2013

Open Source Software Will Dominate in 2013

According to a Gartner research, in 2013 the technology will dominate the Open Source software solutions in modern industrial and commercial.

General Manager for ASEAN Red Hat Damien Wong explained that the condition should be used, especially for local software developers to create software based on open source even more.

"Citing research from Gartner, open source technology will be used in 85 percent of software solutions in modern industrial and commercial," said Damien at Media Luncheon Red Hat Jakarta, Wednesday (04/25/2012).

In 2014, at least 75 percent of open source software that is managed by the company will provide the ROI (return on investment) is positive. Moreover, the investment to use open source software was not expensive so it will not cost the company's investment.

With these opportunities, Red Hat as one based on open source software developers will focus on the market use the operating system (OS) and middleware in Indonesia.

Middleware is a software system that will connect the software with other software. Currently, middleware technology is very popular with all IT-related industries.

"This year we are going to focus on the OS and Middleware. Chances are still a lot," he said.

Until now the rate of adoption of open source software in Indonesia is still considered low. But the people of Indonesia are also not very high in using the official software.

"The price of the official software is still expensive, but people also do not know about open source software is cheaper. So that piracy will happen. But piracy is not going to happen if the software is sold cheaply," he said.

In addition to working on the OS and the middleware market, Red Hat will also focus on the market use Cloud, Storage and virtualization. Because demand is not large, the opportunity to get into that market would be wide open.

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