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Monday, 3 November 2014

Fujitsu Recommend Solutions Health Services

Fujitsu Recommend Solutions Health Services

Fujitsu introduces the technology and information technology-based health services and communications (ICT) are made for the Indonesian market. The solutions focus on providing safe health care, better services for patients, as well as hospital operations more efficient.

"We believe that through the application of advanced health services in Indonesia, everyone in every region of the country will have the same access to quality health services, safe and professional," he said Achmad S. Sofwan, Managing Director, Fujitsu Indonesia, as in KompasTekno written information received, on Thursday (10/23/2014).

Fujitsu to optimize health services through solutions, especially as Fujitsu Healthcare Solutions that include Hospital Information Systems, Telemedicine (Health Information Exchange), and mobile device applications for optimization services.

In addition, there is still Client & Server virtualization technology, bio-simulation, and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) based Cloud, which has been adapted to the changing demographics as well as the latest trends in the health care industry in Indonesia.

With these solutions, Fujitsu enables health care providers to anticipate issues that may affect the quality of health care, for example due to geographical barriers in remote areas.

Residents in such areas, where access to high quality health services is very limited, can now communicate and obtain health services directly from professional medical personnel who were on another island, without having to travel long distances.

Meanwhile, according to the Head of Application Services, Fujitsu Indonesia, Made Sudharma, Fujitsu claimed to have a deep understanding of the unique needs of various health sector.

"With that, we were able to present an overall health care experience to support leading-edge technologies that we have," he firmly Made.
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