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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Setting the Automatic Recovery

Setting the Automatic Recovery

Imagine one when you type a document word.dokumen dg ms is very important and the number of pages that already you type it very much, but suddenly sudden power failure, when you type the documents which had not been in the store at all, as a result, you will loss of documents you have previously typed.

some people avoid tragedy on the dg store files as often as possible. but the way it is troublesome as well, not very practical to address them, you can make that Microsoft Word automatically saves your document every few minutes this way is as follows:

1. open ms word, then click "file"> "word options"

2. Word Options dialog box, click the menu (save)

3. mark the box (save autorecovery information everysmile

4. on the box before the minutes, fill in the numbers who defines how many minutes once the document is automatically saved.

5. if so, click ok.utk close the window options
Now your document will automatically be saved in keeping with the setting you

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