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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Blocking a specific email

Some of the emails we get from the outside is probably an email that is very important to us, whether it be from mailing lists, alerts, blogs, or indeed from someone close / our families.

For emails that arrive too frequently is not always good, there are also some of the party seeking to perform actions that interfere with our comfort in making the email, such as terrorizing via email, spam, advertising, mlm business, etc..

Then can we block emails that always come up every day just to deliver advertisements and some writings are disturbing for us? its answer can!.

For the case here I will use as an example his yahoo email, because I apply this in my yahoo email:). Ok, here's how we block email from specific email senders.

1. Select the "SPAM" that existed at the top left.

2. Then select "EDIT configuration"

3. And then you will see a new page and on the left there are many menus, and his next we select "Filter" and then select "CREATE or EDIT FILTER".

4. In the filter that we can determine which email can be blocked so that the sender of the email can not send email to us again. and to release the "blacklist" it can we just delete the email from the email list that we block, then the sender is already able to send email to us again.

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