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Sunday, 4 December 2011

reset, error 5200 printer canon ip2700 or ip2770

reset, error 5200 printer canon ip2700 or ip2770

Many diagnostic trial of ways that I could finally succeed, how:

Turn off the printer
1. Disconnect the power cable and USB
2. Press and hold the POWER button, plug the cable POWER
3. Press the RESUME 2x, release the POWER and RESUME
4. Blinking lights will be a while, wait until the light is on steady

the second way

1. Plug the power cord and disconnect the USB
2. Press the RESUME button 3 seconds hold and press the POWER tomol
3. Hold down the POWER and Release the RESUME button
4. POWER button is still depressed, press the Resume button 5 times. Led will flash alternately orange glow green with orange last.
5. Release both buttons simultaneously.
6. Led will blink briefly then will glow GREEN.
7. Press the POWER button, then the printer will die.
8. Press the POWER button again then the printer will flame

dowmload reseter printer  in link this

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  1. how to printer reseter please ! you held me download....