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Sunday, 1 January 2012

one thing you will love to carry out of the gadget shop

one thing you will love to carry out of the gadget shop

Holiday season is over and all that fun and frolic times, exchanging gifts, and celebrating. Here in the 21st century gadgets are something very much related to gifts, everyone loves to own the latest gadgets and gizmos, and it is very delightful, if they are being gifted a gadget. Wondering where to get unique gift ideas for gifting the ultimate gadget this season? Here we are with Harman Kardon Soundsticks III review, which is something you will love to carry out of the gadget shop to gift it to your loved ones.
So starting with the design, what makes it one of the special gift ideas?

We will talk about the sound later, it’s a multimedia speaker set, right, but wait, it’s so stylish, stunning looks, so futuristic, it is not just a set of speakers comprising of two satellite speakers and a sub-woofer, it looks as if it just came out of the Sci-Fi movie you last watch. The design is serene, simplistic, yet decent and sophisticated. Sci-Fi lovers will definitely praise this unique set, and will want to grab one immediately. It is as if you are listening to a piece of art. The part to be noted is that this has been credited by the New York City’s Museum of Modern Arts.

We found that the set has an enhanced color scheme and bare minimums of the wiring, beyond its eye-catching appeal, the feature set is much more promising and looks incredibly capable, it comprises of a 40 watt of dazzling amplifications, down firing powered subwoofer, eight full range transducers and compatibility with all the multimedia devices is a good to go feature.
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What is expected in the gadget gift box?
•    One pair of Soundsticks III satellites
•    One powered subwoofer module
•    One power cord
•    One set of audio cables

Well that’s pretty basic, but do not come to judgment until you turn it on.

Highlights of the Harman Kardon Soundsticks III system:
-    Eight full-range transducers: Harman Kardon as a brand is regarded as one of the best in the market related to digital sound systems, and boasts of rich legacy of highly respected products results to its high quality sound engineering. Powered by a total 20 watts, eight full range transducers, four in each stick, fills the entire room with beautiful and crystal clear sounds, less distortion and good sound quality is observed. They ensure that you hear to only what the music composer wanted you to hear.

-     Down-firing subwoofer: this takes all of it to a total new level, an audiophile’s dream, rich sound experience, down firing as the name suggests points downwards. For those who are not aware, sub woofers make use of band pass filters and amplify only the low frequency sounds, it brings in that “thump” effect in the music or the sound being played. Down firing, richens the experience as the thump gets more realistic and pleases the ears. More over it is supplied with a separate audio control, which means, you can maintain the volume of the sub-woofer separately, pleasing for those who like the “thump” to be lighter.

-    Virtual connectivity to almost any media device: other than true stunning looks, the Harman Kardon wins on the connectivity front too, than to its universal 3.5 mm connectivity solution, it can connect to any iPod, mp3 player, laptop desktop or even cod/DVD players without much hassle. A true winner, keeps your life simpler, and provides bare wiring solutions.

-    Touch controls makes it sweeter: the Soundsticks III system boasts of a sensitive touch controls for both the sticks and the subwoofer. Which not only makes it more elegant, but also adds to the style factor?

-    Angle control for the sticks: the system has been designed to fit exactly where you wanted it.

-    Designed to entertain: thanks to the support of Harman Kardon engineering the device, is capable of entertaining you for a long period.

-    Attractive and high quality cables supplied along: we found that the cables supplied along were not only of the high quality but also boast of good design and added to the bling factor of the product.

Harman Kardon Soundsticks III system makes it an ideal gadget to be bought from the gadget shop and one of the truly inspirational gift ideas.

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