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Friday, 12 June 2015

Bridge And Function

Bridge And Function

Bridge is a tool that can connect a computer network LAN (Local arean Network) with other LAN networks. Bridge can connect computer network types vary (eg, such as Ethernet and Fast Ethernet), or the type of network that is similar or the same.

This tool works at the data link layer of the OSI model (Open Systems Interconnection), therefore bridge could connect computer networks that use a transmission method or medium access control are not the same or different. Bridge also is a tool that can learn the address link on each device connected to it and also manage the flow of frame based on the address.

The function of the bridge including the following below:

@. Bridge can serve to connect two pieces of similar LAN computer network, so it can have a LAN network larger than a LAN without a bridge configuration conditions. 
@. Bridge also can connect several separate computer networks, be it the type of network the same or different. 
@. Bridge can also serve as a router on a computer network wide, things like this are often called by the term "Bridge-Router". Then the bridge can also download a copy of the data frame is on a different network, the reason it is still connected to the network. And many other functions of the bridge.

And this is the principle or the workings of the bridge

Bridge map the Ethernet address of any point or node contained in each segment of the computer network, and can only allow data traffic that is needed across the bridge. When receiving a data packet, the bridge will determine the destination and source segments. If the same segment, the data packet will be rejected and if the segment is not the same or different data packets will be forwarded to the segment. With so bridges can prevent corrupted messages so as not to spread out from one segment. Bridge is a tool that works at the physical layer and the data link layer, so it can affect the LAN network to work if it happens often different communication on the LAN network is not the same or different are connected by a bridge. That is the principle or the workings of the bridge.

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