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Thursday, 11 February 2016

excellence os linux desktop

excellence OS linux desktop

Linux is a free operating system. That is to say, there are no licensing fees to buy or using Linux.

Linux is easy to use. Linux is an operating system that is said to be difficult and only devoted to the hackers. Today, however, this view is wrong. Linux is easy to use and can be said to be almost as easy as using Windows.

Almost all applications found in Windows, there have been alternatives in Linux. We can access the web site of Open Source as Alternative to obtain information that is useful and complete enough about alternative Windows applications on Linux.

Security Linux is superior to Windows. It can be said, almost all Windows users must have been exposed to viruses, spyware, trojans, adware, etc. It almost did not happen on Linux. Where, Linux is designed from the beginning of multi-user, which if a virus infects a particular user, it will be very very difficult to infect and spread to other users. On Windows, this is not happening. So that when viewed from the side of the maintenance / care data and hardware-would be more efficient.

Linux is relatively stable. Computers that run on UNIX operating system is known to run indefinitely stable. Linux, which is a variant of UNIX, also inherits this stability. Rare, computer suddenly hang and have to press Ctrl-Alt-Del or Restart to end the incident. So it's not surprising that Linux has the worldwide server market share is quite large. From the results of research firm IDC, worldwide server market share using Linux in 2008 will reach 25.7%.

Linux has backward compatibility better (better-backward compatibilty). (Hardware) that have been aged longer, still very useful and can run well on Linux. Old computers need not be discarded and can still be used for certain purposes by using Linux (as supporting information can read the article "Do not Throw Away That Old PC-Give It New Life with Linux"). In addition, never seen the documents that are newer can not be read on the Linux version is longer. On Windows, if we are required to follow the development of the hardware. For example, a few months ago, has been released Windows Vista. Some documents created in Windows Vista can not be opened in Windows XP. So, inevitably, we have to switch to Windows Vista, and the means to upgrade or buy the hardware (hardware) new better (minimum hardware Windows Vista can be seen Alternatively, there may be applications that were made a few years ago can not be opened again in Windows Vista, because it is no longer supported by Microsoft.

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